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Signs You're About To Cheat

When it comes to cheating, men are king. We cheat at cards, we cheat on our taxes, and far too often, we cheat on our partners. According to the Ashley Madison Agency, approximately 50% to 60% of men will engage in an extramarital tryst at some point in their lives.

Our reasons are myriad, but the tell-tale signs of propensity for infidelity are typically the same. Gain insight into your own potential cheating heart by reading the top 10 signs you're about to have an affair.

You create a web of excuses and stories
Once reticent and quiet, you've suddenly become a better storyteller than Mother Goose. You never leave the house without an alibi and you're constantly lying about the women with whom you've been spending time. You haven't done anything yet, but you're clearly preparing yourself for the day when you do.

You feel trapped
You feel completely ensnared and you're not even sure how it happened. One moment you were happily picking berries and catching salmon in the river, the next you're concealed behind glass in a five-foot enclosure and being viewed by hundreds of grubby school kids every day. Like any trapped animal, you likely resent your lack of freedom and are anxious to return to the wild. Chances are you're also terrified that if you stay with your current partner she will be the last person you will ever have sex with (for free, anyhow).

You are suddenly forgiving of your cheating friends
Rather than condemning your buddies for cheating on their partners, you find reasons to empathize. Sure, your best pal might be having an affair, but his girlfriend had it coming to her for putting on 10 pounds. So what if she was pregnant? You share your friend's motivations and find yourself able to rationalize even their most caveman-like behavior.

You develop a relationship with other women
It used to be the only time you truly opened up was when you were screaming at your TV set during Monday Night Football. Now all of a sudden you can't shut up. You find yourself seeking out sympathetic women and telling them all about your crumbling relationship. Be forewarned: Most women eat this kind of conversation up faster than a bowl of fat-free chips. Emotional affairs like these are only one crying session and a couple of tequilas away from becoming a full-fledged physical fling.

You keep your girlfriend a secret
When speaking with other women, you find yourself concealing the fact you have a girlfriend, even lying about her existence when asked. You enjoy receiving attention from these women and are reluctant to bring the conversation to a halt by admitting you share your bed with a 200-pound behemoth who's beginning to look more and more like her mother every single day... or not.