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Great Date Conversation Tips

Want to ace your first date with a woman?

Follow these 10 conversation tips and she'll find you charming, interesting and hopefully... irresistible.

Avoid the "interview"
Most guys treat a first date like a job interview, asking the same old boring questions that every woman is sure to have heard 100 times. By avoiding questions like, "How old are you?," "What do you do?," and, "How many brothers and sisters do you have?," you'll separate yourself from every other guy she's met, and pave the way for a more interesting conversation.

Great Date Conversation TipsLead the conversation
If you sense the conversation is going to far into the "boring zone" (like when you start talking about work), don't be afraid to take charge. Simply saying, "Enough about that... let's talk about something more interesting," can change a boring conversation -- and a boring date -- to an exciting time instantly.

Make eye contact
Be sure to look into her sexy eyes as you are talking to her, and hold eye contact just a little too long. This will show her that you are a confident man who knows what he wants.

Bring up current gossip
There's a reason why every woman you know reads celebrity gossip magazines: they can't get enough of the stuff! Don't be afraid to ask her what she thinks about Brad and Jen's split or Britney's marriage. By discussing topics that are funny and interesting to her, she'll automatically see you as funny and interesting.

Talk kindly to everyone
Guess what, guys? When you're talking to your waiter, the cab driver or the bartender, she is listening... and judging. Treat everyone you talk to with kindness and respect. She will notice.