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Ways To Tease A Woman

Ways To Tease A Woman

How can you be different from the truckloads of boring guys that the woman you want has gone out with in the past?

One way is to learn how to tease her in exactly the right way -- a way that shows her you are confident, funny and, of course, a challenge.

Or, in other words, a way that shows her you are just the kind of guy she'd love to see again. Here are 10 powerful tips to get you started.

Perfect your delivery
In order to become the kind of guy who can crack women up with your teasing and sarcastic remarks, you have to perfect your delivery. I'm talking about honing elements like eye contact, tone of voice and timing. They're all important.

Go get some classic comedies on DVD and pay attention to how the actors deliver the lines that make you laugh. Watch them over and over again, and then practice your delivery skills with the women in your life. If women are cracking up and playfully punching you, you're doing it right. If they're not laughing at all, you have some improvements to make, or you need to choose women who are more fun and more secure in themselves to spend your time with.

Joke about a point system
Whenever a woman does something you can bust her on, tell her, "You just lost a point," as if you're keeping track of the points she's making or losing with you. The idea here is to suggest that if she loses enough points, you may not want to see her again. So if she's a bit late for a date, tell her she just lost a point. If she likes country and you like classic rock, she just lost a point. If she likes broccoli and you hate it, she just lost a point. Get it?

Jokingly express your doubts
This is a variation on the "you just lost a point" theme. Whenever she does something that suggests she could be a loser, a nerd or otherwise unworthy of your attention, tell her, "I don't think this is going to work out." Let's say you're about to meet up with a woman you originally encountered online. You two have never met in person before. You call her on her cell, asking where she is. While you're on the phone with her you see her walking up, but she doesn't see you yet. You can tease her with "Oh, are you the one walking by the Ferris wheel with the black jacket? Yeah... uh... I don't think this is going to work out. I think I left the oven on back at home or something." Of course this works best with really attractive women, as they are sure to get the joke.

Use sarcasm
When a woman says something totally obvious, you can reply with "Really? Wow. That must be the most fascinating thing I've heard all week." Say this with a sly smile, eye contact and a sarcastic tone of voice, and she'll get the fact that you're saying it "tongue in cheek."

Disqualify her by age
Let's say you ask a woman how old she is, and she says she's 23. Act disappointed. When she asks you what's wrong, tell her you don't date anyone over 17. Or if she's 35, tell her you don't date anyone under 47. The idea here is to convey the notion that if she's young, she's not young enough, and if she's older, she's not old enough. What makes this interesting and different is that it's the opposite of what most women would expect you to say.