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Can You Really ReCreate Your Relationship Or Is It Time To Move On

The Truth is, we get to create whatever it is we want from where ever we are in life. The law of attraction knows no boundaries and has no limitations, or exceptions.

This means that any relationship, or experience, can be recreated and recreated and recreated to be all that you desire. Which would in this case include the re-creation of a relationship with an acceptable association with alcohol, a return to health, growth, and renewed passion, but it may include that in other ways, as well.

In other words, you get to create it and it is absolutely possible. However, we must put what we believe we want into perspective as the universe doesnt have an agenda nor does it connect to our values, judgments or opinions about whats right.

In fact, the universe is indifferent to our values.

Therefore, the values we have about marriage, commitment, solo relationships, etc. can sometimes be incongruent with our real desires.

For example, you probably have a value that says, marriage is for better or worse. You may wish to connect to this value and have it manifest more easily in your relationship.

However, if when you think upon this value, your heart feels more of the but its for worse, right now which thus creates an emotional frequency of fear, anger, hurt, sadness, etc. then you are attracting the opposite of the healthy relationship you desire. (Makes it real tricky- dont it!?!)

Heres another example, if what you want is a mate that is entirely free of the alcohol habit, then this automatically sets you up to be in resistance to what is. When we resist what is, we actually attract more of the very thing we resist.

Although it may seem uncomfortably counter-intuitive, in order to re-create a relationship your first order of business is to be completely willing to allow it to be exactly as it is and be willing to let it go.

For many, in your situation, the acceptance of the unacceptable is simply not acceptable!

It may not be acceptable to you to accept his addiction, for example, even for a temporary time period.

It may not be acceptable because deep within youre already moving forward which may be a match to the other dreams and desires that you hold, as this will often be the case. Or it may not be acceptable because it may feel like by accepting it, you are condoning it, settling for less and a life of complacency.

With the Law of Attraction, when we accept what is, we actually step into a place of allowance and flow. The vibration of allowing is inevitably aligned with our overall goals and thus we have the opportunity to manifest those.

Theres another scary reality that sometimes occurs when law of attraction students use the LOA to re-create their relationship, you may attract your needs being met elsewhere. And, what would happen if that were okay?

For example, when a person outgrows a relationship and then they want to recreate it, their work is to focus on the passion, health, unity, spiritual growth, harmony, and love etc. that they want in a relationship while completely detaching from it having to be the one they are with.

This means, for a law of attraction purist, we must let go of the idea of our spouse changing in order to meet our requirements or needs while envisioning the experience of all that we desire, with or without our current mate.

The Creative Mechanism responds to your desires and living visions and will begin returning opportunities and situations where you can experience that love, health, connection, etc.

Sometimes that will be within your relationship (because youve let it go and it now has the opportunity to flourish) and sometimes it means getting your needs met in other ways, and in other relationships.

Please do not misunderstand me. Im not suggesting infidelity nor am I condemning it. I do not sit in good-or- bad judgment on either side of this equation, as this is not for me to decide whats right for others.

Its all Divinely Ordered no matter what - thats my stand.

What Im simply stating is: the Universe will give us what we focus upon, one way or another. Its up to us to choose it according to our desires AND our values.

For me and my relationship experience, Ive re-created relationships and Ive outgrown relationships that I no longer wanted to re-create. For the latter, leaving a relationship in peace was aligned with the ease and harmony I desired, than trying to make that old relationship into something else.

Sometimes, moving forward means allowing our current relationship to be perfect as it is and moving onto our next experience being okay with that as well. Of course, its important for this to also be a match to the rest of your values, the criteria by which you wish to live.

So what Im really saying is you can recreate any relationship at any time to be what you desire.

And, as relationships change, and our purpose for the relationship changes, we evolve. If we grow and evolve, we have to also be willing to allow the reasonable consequences for our evolution to be what they are. In other words, we can accept what is as perfect, re-create it to be what we want, or let it go in peace as we create our next adventure.

Whatever you choose to do - seek peace and harmony, integrity and love first and the changes will evolve naturally and with spiritual guidance. Watch for opportunities to meet your needs in other ways, that are also congruent with your values - they will show up while youre figuring this out.

If you find that limiting beliefs (like - I cant do this. this is too hard, etc.) get in your way of creating love and harmony within the change, please explore Emotional Freedom Technique along with your Law of Attraction work.


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