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How To Choose Wedding Invitations That Match The Style Of Your Wedding

The very first impression that people will get of your upcoming wedding will be when they receive your invitation. They will often make a decision on attending at that moment. The invitation needs to be a complete visualization on paper that shares what your plans are plainly to the receiver so it is crucial to the wedding planning process. Contrary to popular opinion, especially the opinions of most men, there is much more to the process than simply pulling out a nice one and making you're your names are spelled properly. The wording is very important and you want it to be original, get some ideas from other invitations but end the end make yours unique.

Your invitation should also go along with the style of wedding you are having. If you are having a fancy, traditional wedding then you should have an equally elegant invitation to match. On the other hand if you are getting married on the beach a fancy invitation just would not look right and would also convey the wrong message. For a beach wedding you want everyone to feel comfortable and know that it is not in the least formal. Here are some more helpful hints to assist you in choosing the right wedding invitation. When you are choosing your invitations remember you also need to pick out the right font for the wording.

You want a font that leaps off the paper demanding attention. Choose a style that matches your ceremony and that you both love. Also be sure that the font you choose matches your personalities as should your wedding ceremony.

Another important factor is choosing the paper you will use. There are many different types and thicknesses of paper when it comes to invitations and overall probably hundreds of different styles available. If the invitations are to be folded don't get a paper that is too thick, but if they are to be standalone then a good thick paper is recommended. You want the style of the invitation to match your wedding so if you are having a simple wedding go with a very simple style of invitation.

You have choices like tri-fold, bi-fold, single page, and others so make sure that the one you choose is appropriate. You should also include RSVP cards with a stamped return envelope so that you will be able to plan for the number of people who will be coming. Ideally these should match your invitation as well.

Always pre-stamp the RSVP card out of courtesy. Make sure that you proofread everything more than once, then have at least one other person look over all of the items to be printed for errors. You will be unable to fix the errors after they are printed and if you sign off that they are okay, it's on you! Double check your guest list before ordering so you don't get stuck with too many or too little invitation.

Gregg Hall is an author and internet marketing consultant living in Navarre Florida. Find more about baby shower and wedding invitations at http://www.monkeybusinessinvitations.com

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