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What To Say To Meet Women Anywhere

What To Say To Meet Women Anywhere

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Today I received the following question via e-mail:

"I was wondering, Ross, if you can suggest some icebreakers or opening lines to initiate conversations with? You know, something comfortable that girls will smile at and want to keep the conversation going instead of us constantly talking."

breaking that ice like a pro

Now, this is a pretty good -- and important -- question. And my answer is: This all depends on where you find yourself and what you see the girl doing.

Sorry if you were looking for a guaranteed line that works in every situation with every woman, but the real truth is this:

Knowing what to say to a woman is utterly and totally dependent on what you can observe about that woman. It's not so much a matter of what to say.

No, the real secret of opening women up is: knowing what to observe, knowing what to notice and knowing what to get curious about.

Now, this is good news. Especially good news for those of us who aren't flashy conversationalists, super-bold or super-witty.


Because it's your curiosity and what you observe about her, uniquely, that will provide exactly what you need to say.

apply these techniques everywhere

The other issue is context: Where are you meeting her and who else is around?

You see, the approach to opening her up might differ a bit if she is at a coffee house, quietly studying, as opposed to in a loud restaurant or party, right? Why?

Because the context she is in and what you notice about her is going to be different.

If she's studying, and you notice that she's having a hard time (she's talking to herself out loud or just seems to be thinking out loud in her head), it would not make sense to walk up and ask her opinion about the great band that is playing or where she bought her cool bicycle.

So, I will say it again.

The most important thing, first and foremost, is not what you say, but the context she is in, and what you can observe about her and the setting she is in.

a word on compliments

Now, many guys ask me about compliments. Should I give them? Is it a good way to first "open up" talking to a woman? If so, what should I compliment?

Okay. I'll repeat: It depends on the context, where she is, what she is doing, and what you notice and can observe.