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7 More Things Men Think Women Like

7 More Things Men Think Women Like

Do your efforts to impress her always backfire? Does she get angry or criticize your attempts to make her happy?

Indeed, men often act with the intention of impressing a woman. But unfortunately, as I explained in the first part of this article, they are often misguided as to what kind of behavior they think women like; thus, their actions don't always yield the results they were hoping for.

The following are seven more things that men think women like -- and that you might be surprised to find out they actually don't. So read on to find out what little faux-pas you've been committing. You may find that once you curb these annoying little behaviors, your results in the dating arena will soar.

Now wouldn't that be worth a little self-reflection?

You try to spend all your time with her
Why it will work against you: She'll obviously want to partake in some activities with you, but if you consistently insist on spending all your time with her, you will seem needy and dependent, and she'll just feel smothered by you.

What to do instead: She'll likely want you to share enough hobbies and activities that you can spend time together and enjoy each other's company. But don't invite yourself to activities that are decisively hers, like her girls' night out or her book club meeting. And this works both ways: Unless she is interested in sports, you don't have to drag her to a game either.

You try to help out around the house but leave a mess
Why it will work against you: Sometimes your well-meaning favor might not actually be so helpful. For example, when you cook her dinner, do you leave pots in the sink for her to clean? When you repair the sink, do you leave gunk and dirt on the floor? If your so-called favor is not actually helping her in the long run, she'll end up resenting it even more.

What to do instead: If you want to help her around the house -- or anywhere for that matter -- make sure you are really helping. You're better off cooking dinner only once in a while -- and doing it properly -- than leaving a mess for her afterward.

You share all your feelings too soon
Why it will work against you: Women generally like a man who is in touch with his feelings, but sometimes this can be taken to the extreme. Droning on about past relationships, work dilemmas or family troubles can make you seem whiny and too emotional -- a real turnoff.

What to do instead: You need to strike a balance: Share what you're thinking without sounding whiny or giving away too much too soon. A good way to gauge this is to evaluate to what degree she shares with you; if she hasn't told you her entire life story, then you can wait a little bit to tell her yours.