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What Women Will Overlook When Settling Down

What Women Will Overlook When Settling Down

Are you worried about your relationship prospects because you're balding? What if you're a little on the short side? Or what if you have a few bad habits in your closet?

Well, relax. If you have other redeeming qualities, like a great personality and a kind heart, she will probably be willing to overlook some of your less fortunate traits. Indeed, when a woman is finished sowing her wild oats and is looking to settle down with a boyfriend, she takes many things into account. She will look at you as a package and see which things she can try to change and which she can live with.

But just as importantly, she also takes her own personal situation into account. Her age, how long she's been single and her past relationships will all play a role in her decision to be with you.

Below are a number of traits and characteristics that men tend to stress over, but that, surprisingly, women can and will often overlook. And if my word isn't enough, I have also included the results from a poll of discerning women who bluntly dished about which characteristics they'd put up with in a man for the sake of a relationship.

So read on and prepare to finally let go of some of your insecurities -- their answers might leave you pleasantly surprised.

Physical Characteristics

60% of women said they could overlook a man's weight
60% of women said they don't care if a man is bald

Why this is the case: According to the women polled, there is a big distinction between what they are looking for in a fling or a short-term relationship and what they want in a serious boyfriend. In the long term, women tend to put less emphasis on aesthetic concerns like weight, baldness or overall looks.

This is not because they don't value a toned physique or a full head of hair, but women tend to be realistic creatures and if they can't have it all, this is often where they'll compromise (sometimes with the idea that they can change you down the line). So if you click in other ways and your personalities mesh well together, relax. Your little physical imperfections probably won't get in the way of a meaningful relationship together.


  • 40% of women said they could deal with a lazy man (someone who doesn't help with the chores or who watches too much TV)
  • 40% of women said they could ignore bad habits (like public belching, farting and nose picking)
  • 10% of women said they could live with a man who doesn't have a sense of humor