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Sedductionit starts before you think it dose

seduction The thing starts before you think! Many people think that act seduction is something that starts with the first conversation or eye contact. But thats not true.Actually it starts from the moment eyes or laid on a person.You know the old saying "it takes a women 10 sec to know whether or not she wants to have something with you" well what if during those first 10 seconds you are not watching?How can you seduce her in to liking you?Well fortunetly the answer is not "you have look like Brad Pit".

The answer is in : - Keep your chin up! - Pull the shoulders back,and your chest in front .Your walk and stance should not be like you are making a bow to everybody.You are not a slave you are a king! - Smile all the time,but not your best smile.Keep it for the person you like that way you will show him that he is not equal to all the other people you bump in to! - Glue your eyes to these of the object you desire .But not to much just enough to make him/her begin to fill nervous.

Following those tips can make you desired and liked by the opposite gender and respected by yours.

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