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Do Women Belong In The Kitchen?

Do Women Belong In The Kitchen?

Women have the world by the balls.

In our sexist society (biased towards the female gender), they've never had it easier. They enjoy freedom of choice in the job market, or can opt to stay at home and raise children (or do both). They are perfectly free to use marriage and divorce as businesses, enriching their personal fortunes by doing nothing more than providing sex.

They are allowed to manipulate men with sex and tears to get whatever they want. They have been granted permission to usurp traditional male jobs yet still -- with bold-faced hypocrisy -- expect men to finance their social lives. They can choose to serve in the military without fear of losing their lives in combat. They expect to be able to denigrate the male gender and treat men like emotional punching bags without protest. They force men to endure "sensitivity training" to pressure them into becoming more like women.

In short, they are pampered, coddled to, and told that they deserve everything without any implication or obligation of giving anything in return.

what women want

Modern women demand all the privileges afforded their sisters in bygone eras, yet still insist on the freedoms granted by a liberated society. In other words, they want to have their cake and eat it, too; they want equal rights until the check comes.

At the heart of this mess is so-called "feminism." The post-war culture of the 1950s and '60s spawned an affluent, egocentric culture of "consciousness-raising" and liberation, spurred on by such seminal feminists as Betty Friedan (who saw the traditional wife and homemaker as a prisoner chained to the stove, hobbled by men from achieving success in the business world).

Almost overnight women wanted to work and go to college; they decided their husbands should help with cooking, cleaning and child care. Liberated women lobbied for gender equality: equal pay for equal work, equal educational and career opportunities and equal treatment under the law.

They no longer wanted to be seen by men as "sex objects," but instead as individuals independent of their gender; persons in their own right.

On the surface, this was all well and good. In a modern society, women should be treated with equality; they should be allowed to pursue whatever course they choose.